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Get Ready For “Comanche Moon”! Airs January 13th On CBS! Check Your Local Listing


Geri plays “Hema” the Mayan curandera and Fredrick Lopez plays the “bad” guy.  He’s really a nice guy in real life!

They waited ’til the writer’s strike for airing this mini-series. Diana Ossana and Larry McMurtry are producers.  They wrote and produced, Oscar winning film, “Brokeback Mountain”.  Other stars include, Karl Urban, Steve Zahn, Wes Studi, Sal Lopez, Adam Beach, David Mid-Thunder and many other talented folks.

Get your tivos ready for this pre-quel to the “Lonesome Dove” series by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana.

Hallmark Entertainment and CBS are presenters and thanks to Robert Halmi, Sr. who also produced “DreamKeepers” for Hallmark Entertainment.

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