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Update! 2008-2009

It’s been a busy year with home, family, friends, and of course the kids in the classroom.  There is now however a budget freeze in the state of California because the state cannot agree on a budget.  So, that said, this means there is a temporary freeze on all future performances and workshops by artists in the classroom.

I am currently still working in pre-booked performances and workshops.  I worked with the Children’s Creative Project in Santa Barbara County and was able to work in some of the schools in Santa Barbara.  It was beautiful there and everyone getting in the Christmas spirit there.

I am also doing some work in private schools and charter schools because they control their own funds and the work that I am getting so far are these independent schools who rely on funds they raise themselves.

I went to the Gulf of Mexico to the wonderful and gracious community of Beaumont, Texas this fall to do a workshop for local schools and for the Stark Museum which is a small museum with a special story.  A private collector of Native American art lived and worked in the area, mostly the oil business, built this great museum to hold all the beautiful artifacts and art work.  When Mr. and Mrs. Stark passed on they left the museum to their foundation.  The foundation developed the museum into a full-fledged working museum which is now open to the public.

I was so happy to hear that the museum and all the precious contents and staff were safe during Hurricane Ike which devastated most of this region.

The people I met were great and I was happy to have spent some time with them and hope to go back again soon!

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