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Hope Spring finds you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Well, I’m still trying to figure out how to use my blog.
It’s a great tool to communicate…but I still have to iron out the wrinkles. For instance I’m writing this post and hope it ends up where I want it to end up…let’s see.

Update! Looks like it’s working!
Please check out Showtime Cable Network right now as my film “Edge of America” is running right now. If you’d like to get the DVD it’s on Amazon and I’m now linking from my Store page for the DVD. It’s a nice little film about an all girls basketball team.
We shot the film four years ago in Utah and it’s finally being aired and a newly released DVD. I play Mother Tsosie, the traditional Navajo whose daughter wants to join the team. Feisty and tough, Mother Tsosie refuses at first to let her daughter play on the team…however, in the end she becomes the Lady Warriors best fan. Check it out!

For those of you going to Washington DC anytime soon…please check out the National Museum of the American Indian.
I am in the signature film that was made for the museum. The museum now shows the film throughout the day and is called,
“One Thousand Roads”. I play a grandmother to a Navajo boy who has joined a gang and is losing touch with his native ways.
It’s a wonderful short film and please watch it before touring the beautiful museum.
I’ll hopefully learn very soon how to link you to some of these sites.

Walk In Beauty!

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