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I Play Hema in “Commache Moon”

I’ll be shooting a film in New Mexico beginning July 1st. I play Hema a healer and curandera…I think that is like a Mexican witchdoctor.
I’ll be shooting in Santa Fe and Albuquerque and it’ll probaby be very HOT, weather wise. As I read the script it looks like alot of outdoor shooting. My patient is an outlaw running from the law and I am running with him. He dies by falling off a cliff and I get it in the end as well when I get attacked by a Jaguar. I don’t think they still have Jaguar’s in New Mexico but this is Hollywood, folks. The land of make believe. However, it should be fun and maybe I’ll get to meet Val Kilmer or Robert Duvall!
Hope I can get some photos from the shoot. I’ll be in touch!

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