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YA-AH-T’EH (hello in Navajo or Din’eh) which simply means “people”…so I’m through with my language lesson.
June is racing by and I didn’t tell you I’ve been at a school in Covina, CA called Wescove Elementary. They have been a delight to work with. All third grade…we are finishing up a 5 day session in Native American art. We did pictographs, storyboarding, spirit symbols and we’ll finish up with Navajo sandpainting on Tuesday, June 20th. Then I’m off to AZ to visit my family. My grandmother will be 96 on July 4th and I’ll be there to wish her a Happy Birthday. Then I come back for a few days before I leave for Santa Fe to shoot my next film called “Comanche Moon”. The stars in the film are Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Duvall, Rachel Griffiths, Elizabeth Banks and many others. There’s quite a cast! I hear it’s been hot in New Mexico but probably not as hot as their chili…now that’s some hot stuff!!!
I’ll be in touch again soon. Hope you are all having a great and sizzlin’ summer!

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