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I wrapped my film, “Comanche Moon” on July 12th and had a great time! Did the tourist thing in Santa Fe on my time off!
Lots of art. There were painted cow skulls and turquoise everywhere and the sky was stunning. We had the afternoon storms which appeared out of nowhere and just as quickly as they came they would disappear. Wow! those New Mexico skies were something else!
I had a few scenes with VAL!!! It was great! I’ll be downloading pictures soon so you can see us in all of our downright dirty selves and I mean dirty! Well…you’ll see what I mean.
My grandma is doing great at 96. Still smart as a whip and I savored every word that came out of her mouth. She told stories from her childhood and dreams she’s been having. She’s a great storyteller and I hung onto her words. She keeps herself busy by making bead necklaces. I’ll download a picture of her soon!
I’m conducting or teaching workshops in Florida and Ukiah, California this month which will take me to the southeast…hope there are no hurricanes! Doesn’t global warming seem real? Hope to see some redwoods when I go to Ukiah at the end of the month.
Like I said I’ll downloading some pictures from my trip soon…so stay tuned!

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