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Hope everyone has had a great summer and are ready to buckle down for work and school this fall. I went to Florida as a presenter in a Literacy Conference and just returned from Ukiah, California for a Teacher’s Workshop also as a workshop leader. I have a workshop that I developed with the Kennedy Center called “Native American Stories”. It runs about 3 hours long and it’s designed specifically for teachers. It’s great for In-Service workshops for teachers and presentations at conferences. Last year I was a presenter at the National Reading Association Conference in Anaheim.

I am trying to upload pictures from some of the workshops as well as my film, “Comanche Moon” set to air on CBS in February. Keep an eye out during the Super Bowl for the commercial for the mini-series. They paid $2 mil for airing this commercial.

I’m home right now trying to catch up with mail, homelife, business…the usual.
Hope to get the pictures to you real soon…in the meantime everyone have fun during the upcoming holiday and be safe!

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