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Buffalos and Feathers At The 2007 Rose Parade

Oklahoma Float
I live next to where they park the floats at the Rose Parade so I got an early start to view them yesterday. The 2 mile trek was beautiful with sunny skies and a nice 62 degrees.
With kettle corn and coffee I made the round trip in a couple of hours. I got in some exercise and I must say there’s nothing like looking at the floats up close. It was fun!
Now, I’m looking forward to another great year with legends, song, and workshops in the schools. Out-of-town trips taking shape and hoping for a film or two as well.
At the moment I’m working on a workshop for the Inuit Throat Singers who are coming to Disney Hall in February. If you live in the LA area you should not miss this event. It is rare for these women to come down from the arctic to share their unique form of art and competition. Throat singing is an ancient artform and the winner is one who makes the other one laugh as it is done in pairs. It is truly a unique and rare experience to see.

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