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Geri With Mylyle At Sherman Indian School

Mylyle and Geri I presented a program to 300 Indian kids at Sherman Indian School.

These students come from reservations all over the country to Riverside, California to go to school. It is a boarding school and goes back to the days when Indian children were sent off the reservation to go to schools. Most of these students haven’t seen their families in months and are trying to make the best of it while they can.

They were very nice backstage offering me a chair and bottled water. I started talking to this Apache student from Whiteriver, Arizona where I first began my teaching profession in the early ’80’s and it turns out that he knew many of the people I knew in Whiteriver and Cibeque where I lived.

We had a few good laughs about all the relatives and Mylyle was a real treat to meet. His grandpa is Paul Ethelbah and he knew Edgar Perry the tribal historian who told me tales about the real Geronimo (go-yah-kleh).

I wish Mylyle well in his studies and in his future.

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