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Geri with American Indian Dance Theater performer


I’ll be sending you my favorite photo from the Rose Bowl floats tomorrow. I’ve been sooo busy this fall I haven’t been staying in touch as much as I’d like. I’m hoping to do better this coming year. Workshops and performances shaping up for this year. Big changes for artists in the school districts this year, good or bad, we all have to make changes according to the No Child Left Behind initiative that’s been in effect for the last number of years. In the past I had relative freedom to go into the schools and do what I do best. Teach about my culture. This year we have to write lesson plans based on the NCLB (No Child Left Behind) paradigm. I’ll keep going as long as I can in my positive effort to educate young people about my culture in an open and honest way. I am willing to adapt new framework to the work I already do in the classroom but I will not be told or ordered as to what my lesson content will be. This brings to all of our attention the many controversial issues facing education in America today. We all have our opinions about how we educate children in America today. As an artist in the classroom I find that we are the last bastion of free-thinkers in our work with children and after 15 years of the changing landscape of education today it is disturbing to find that the arts are now being calculated, measured, and monitored. Enough said about that!

I still believe that children need to learn to think, create, and be spontaneous and imaginative. Over the years we have squeezed the passion for learning out of them and are in the process of creating little robots with rote learning and over tested brains. I am working to keep children curious and excited about life and learning!

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